Conor McGregor recreated his much-mocked football throw with an equally terrible first pitch

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USA TODAY Sports Media Group

Conor McGregor has been showing up at U.S. sporting events the past few days. He was at Sunday’s Chargers-Cowboys game. And on Tuesday, the Cubs decided for some reason to welcome the UFC star to Wrigley Field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

It didn’t go well.

Now, a few years ago, McGregor received the meme treatment from NFL fans when he was filmed throwing a football like someone who has never thrown a football before. His form was all over the place then, and Tuesday’s attempt at throwing a baseball wasn’t much better.

Taking the mound in a full suit, McGregor launched the ball 20 feet wide and into the backstop.

Was it 50 Cent bad? Probably not — though some fans thought it was worse. McGregor at least had some distance on the throw.

But it also didn’t look like McGregor had any intention of throwing towards home plate at all. It seemed like his game plan was just to take that baseball and throw it as far as he could with no thought about accuracy.

Predictably, fans roasted the terrible first pitch.

This was how Twitter reacted

He’ll be hearing about that one for a long time.

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