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Former Lakers trainer says LeBron James isn’t like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, calls him an ‘enigma’

Lakers Daily
Lakers Daily
 25 days ago
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Former Los Angeles Lakers trainer Gary Vitti believes that Lakers superstar LeBron James is an enigma. Vitti compared James to the great Oscar Robertson when praising the four-time NBA champion. James is one of the greatest players in NBA history, and he has several accolades to show for it. The...

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Hunter "Cocaine Cowboy" Biden
24d ago

Correct, he will never be like Kobe or Jordan because one has five rings and the other has six! Champions are defined by performance, not persona.......

24d ago

Today’s players should never be compared to the greats of the past. Today’s game is soft. Most players today couldn’t have played how the game was played in the past. Today’s players are way too soft and that includes Lebron. Could you imagine him going through the “ Jordan Rules “ ? Jordan made himself stronger and better. Lebron would have just cried. There’s a few players today would have been okay but maybe just a handful.

Jon Benton
24d ago

James couldnt. carry Jordan shoes ?! Jordan Never had ANY AllStar team as the Old Magic Johnson Lakers or Larry Birds Celrics !The Best squad jordan had was Pippen, Kerr, Rodman, Grant. Other than this squad. others were salt and peppered with Sometime Shooters !


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