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Columbus, OH

Republican U.S. Senate candidate doesn’t want former President Trump’s endorsement

NBC4 Columbus
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleCOLUMBUS (WCMH) –The newest Republican to enter the race to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate is the only GOP candidate who is not trying to win the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. Ohio Senator Matt Dolan said the only endorsement he needs is that of Ohio voters....

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Barefoot Momma
30d ago

Smart man... Trumps plan is backfiring....You cant expect his supporters to vote when you cry the big lie.. keep up the great job... your going down as the worst president in history... who incites violence on democracy because your willingness to betray your country for win of another.. money talks... best con artist for the job Putin

willie crenshaw
30d ago

Trump name don't count, he should be in jail and his friends and family to, all should be in jail for treason murder and conspiracy to commit murder in insurrection

Roger Cruser
30d ago

Any person that stands up to Trump and refuses his tepid endorsement, has my vote. Congratulations, sir!


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