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Woman Got Mad When She Saw Her Son Crying After Husband Bathed Him in Kitchen Sink

 26 days ago
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Reddit user MammaBearit33 discovered that her husband bathed their son in the sink and then called him gross before she completely banned him from bathing their child. Recently, a Reddit user named MammaBearit33 shared a post about the time her husband tried to bathe their son in the sink. The unsuspecting walked in and immediately stopped him because she thought it was "weird."

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Susan O. Pence
26d ago

I found that bathing my little ones in the sink was safer than the bath tub. Space for everything you need, FULL control on the child, no water or time wasted. 😄😀😊

Mark Jadrych
24d ago

I was bathed in the kitchen sink as a baby , so were my siblings, and come to think of it, just about everyone else I know.Why is this an issue..?? lt is a matter of efficiency & safety. Mom did have some difficulty getting us to sit still in the dish rack till we were dry though..!! 🖖😅👍

Dianne Harris
24d ago

Don’t mean to be classless, but where has that woman been to not know, bathing a baby in the kitchen sink is just fine!! It saved my back that’s for sure!!


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