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Kate Middleton: Furious at Meghan Markle Over Time Magazine Cover?

The Hollywood Gossip
 24 days ago

Cover picture for the articleEarlier this week, Time Magazine released its annual list of the world's 100 most influential people. Few readers on this side of the pond were surprised to see Meghan Markle and Prince Harry cover the issue, but apparently the news came as much more of a shock overseas. In fact,...

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Mary Warner
24d ago

Kate and William are lovely kind couple. They are not jealous or HARRY AND NUTMEG. HARRY AND NUTMEG gossip for $$$$$. They probably feel sorry for Harry. Nutmeg uses Harry Low IQ and lack of street smarts to control him.

M Dianne Abbott
24d ago

megawatt and Hollywood harry need to grow up and respect the monarchy. All they want is publicity and get the attention they feel they never got growing up. I hope Harry will open up his eyes and divorce her.

apiary diem
23d ago

I don't understand why these articles keep saying Harry and Meghan are "well liked" globally. I just haven't seen it. They aren't a threat to Kate and William. No comparison in terms of grace, dignity and overall likeability.


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