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Gabby Petito Autopsy Results Released, Per Family Lawyer
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A Wyoming coroner completed his autopsy Tuesday on the body of a young woman found in Grand Teton National Park over the weekend. According to Insider, a text message from the Petito family lawyer, Richard Stafford, texted them that the autopsy confirmed that the body found is that of Gabby...

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Beck Martin
30d ago

They need to send his picture out to all airlines and issue a maritime alert. He could be on a boat to Cuba or anywhere. He could have already flown somewhere to another country. He is not in that preserve. It was a rouse to have them look in the wrong place. Oldest trick in the book. Hunting dogs would have picked up his scent at the trail by now if he was truly ever there. He didn’t kill himself he is a coward. And his parents helped him get away. Set up the mustang in the park.

Mark Bettencourt
30d ago

you can bet his parents only reported him missing after giving him a 4 day head start to get away.charge those wads for interfering in a missing person's investigation

Grammys Corner
30d ago

Those parents have hustled him somewhere and have their family attorney brought in right away and he is holed up somewhere. This is just my opinion.


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