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NASCAR reacts to Chase Elliott, Kevin Harvick confrontation after Bristol

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Racing News
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The two NASCAR drivers had several heated exchanges after the playoff race at Bristol Motor Speedway. On Saturday night, Bristol Motor Speedway hosted a playoff elimination race for the NASCAR Cup Series. The 0.533-mile brought the fireworks before the race and again after the race. In the closing laps,...

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Blue Camaro
29d ago

I like both drivers. But I kinda got to go with Elliot on this one. I like Harvick too but he knew how to cut down that tire.

Schad Fredrickson
30d ago

So thier reaction is to do nothing must have worked for Biden previously!

God Bless USA
27d ago

Quit lying, that was not a fight of any kind. 2 good drivers fighting for the same real estate. Fake news. Both were justified.


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