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Trump makes history as former president — He is the most powerful and sought-after endorser in the history of American politics

Fox News

Cover picture for the articleFormer President Trump’s endorsement is hands-down the most sought after in the Republican Party, and Trump isn’t disappointing. The former president – eight months removed from the White House – remains extremely popular and influential with Republican voters and politicians as he aims to continue playing a kingmaker’s role in the...

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it's me 1234

Let's hope he runs again. And gets nominated. He lost by 2 million the first time. 8 million the second time. I bet he loses by at least 15 million next time. It will be epic. And the worst lose in history. Can't wait.

Robert G.

I voted for Trump but I didn't think he would start a Capitol Riot and nearly get Mike Pence killed. He is a dangerous guy the party should move away from.

Jay Lapirit

He is a popular not because he is a good former president but by his influence and base supporters. I therefore conclude that the more Republicans will struggle in the national election especially in senatorial elections.


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