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Mitt Romney says the Biden administration’s border policies have government ‘hanging on by a thread’

Deseret News
Deseret News
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Sen. Mitt Romney called the Biden administration’s immigration policy a “monumental disaster,” and said that alone would be enough to leave the federal government “hanging on by a thread,” even if there were not so many other disasters. The Utah Republican also condemned a Democratic proposal to send monthly...

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Richard Hudak

WHY JUST W T F is his problem im a DAV veteran in a wheelchair ♿n an they should help veterans like myself that spilled blood for my country not dome illegal immigrants. SAD PRES 😥

Martha Scott

Help our citizens here first. Help the veterans, also the hundreds of thousands people that have been affected by the covid19. many are facing evictions. we have our own problems to deal with here.

30d ago

I watched this hearing yesterday and secretary mayorkas couldn't provide a complete rational answer to the questions. He couldn't provide the data about how many of the 1.5 million illegal immigrants streaming across the border have been removed or in custody or have been released into the United States. We have around 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country already and what this administration wants to do is send a 300 dollar check to every one of them and all of their children. Now just think 300 dollars a month for a family of 5 is 1500 dollars a month 18,000 a year with no time frame for when it ends. He asked the secretary doesn't that encourage people to come to the united States through illegal immigration knowing they can receive that type of money that's an incentive to head to our border and the secretary responds no.


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