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R.I.P. Tim Donnelly, funny fireman Chet Kelly on Emergency!
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe prankster of Station 51 passed away at the age of 77. Every firehouse has its comedian, a firefighter who lightens the mood. For Station 51, the Los Angeles County Fire Department house seen in the pioneering procedural Emergency! that class clown was Chester "Chet" Kelly. Played by Tim Donnelly, Chet brought levity to the rescue series, playing practical jokes and wisecracking with his colleagues. Particularly John Gage.

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Gennifer Kelly
23d ago

wow 😳 my aunt got me into watching old t.v. 💕 watching it...Just can't believe so many famous people and friends that I knew growing up in Hollywood have passed away this year 😢🙏💔


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