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Louisiana GOP Senator Might Vote for Government Spending Package to Get Ida Relief Funds

 27 days ago
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The spending package includes funding to raise the government's debt limit, which the treasury secretary said is crucial to avoid a historic financial crisis.

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27d ago

It was December 2020. The House of Representatives had just passed a $2,000 covid relief package for every American who qualified.The state of Kentucky was in the middle of a donation campaign to raise enough money to give poor citizens of Kentucky a $300 covid relief check.Mitch McConnell was the Senate Leader. The House bill that would give suffering Americans some relief got to McConnell's desk. Even Donald Trump had voiced his support for the relief package. But Mitch killed the bill. Yes! He refused to even put it up for a Senate vote for fear it just might pass. Mitch McConnell is from Kentucky, his state couldn't even afford to give their poor citizens $300. Mitch McConnell didn’t care. He watched them suffer. They had just reelected him. He wouldn't be needing them again until the next election! That is GOP agenda in a nutshell.

Ora Lee Whorton
27d ago

So you all don’t want the peoples in South Louisiana to get help,when their houses and all was destroyed,shame on you,if it happen in your state and you lost everything,I bet you will be begging your congressman or woman to get you some help,Lord this world is so full of evil peoples and here we suppose to be the greatest country on the face of this earth,and we lag behind several third world countries in everything,because peoples doesn’t believe in fixing our roads and bridges !!!

Mitzi Menard
27d ago

Don’t do it, Senator Kennedy! We will find another way down here, like we always do!!! DON’T do it!!!!!


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