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“The White Lotus” is just that: White
 29 days ago

Cover picture for the articleA tropical paradise vacation for some, a dreamy honeymoon and place of catharsis for others, and for one very special guest, a grown man shitting in a suitcase. What more could you ask from a resort or TV show?. The White Lotus, Mike White’s satirical take on the Upstairs/Downstairs plot,...

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28d ago

I think its funny!! I bet the crazy's aregoing to comming out of the woodwork?? CAN'T waite!!

Edward Blancett
27d ago

Lol Wow. The lack of understanding of the Double Standards when you have Black and Brown people casually Patronizing White people and portraying White people as Ignorant in Film and TV really Totally Bashes not only their own sense of Fairness but their Cognitive grasp on their own Misgivings.


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