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Matthew McConaughey Absolutely Can’t Contain His Laughter in ‘Between Two Ferns’ Outtakes He Just Shared

Matthew McConaughey posted a bit of a throwback to his Instagram page Monday evening, and it was absolutely hilarious.

The throwback clip comes from a 2019 discussion with Zach Galifianakis in the 2019 film version of Galifianakis’s wildly popular web series talk show, Between Two Ferns.

Of course, McConaughey must’ve known he was in for a good time as he joined Galifianakis on stage for the interview; the Baskets actor is known for his brutal yet hilarious interviewing style.

Asking all the quirky questions everyone else is afraid to ask… or even the questions anyone else doesn’t even think to ask.

But, even with all of the forethought that McConaughey must have had as he joined the host on the Between Two Ferns set, it wasn’t enough to prepare the movie star for Galifianakis’ well-known – and hilarious -interviewing style.

Damn Ferns…

With Galifianakis’s unique style of deadpan humor, intriguing, and albeit unusual line of questioning; mixed with his ability to keep going with the questions – even as the person he’s interviewing is losing it in laughter – Galifianakis’s Between Two Ferns has been a cult-hit since it premiered over a decade ago.

And, of course, it was exactly this talent that sent McConaughey into a fit of laughter in the throwback clip the actor posted featuring some outtakes of his interview with Galifianakis to Instagram Monday evening.

“When you and Woody Harelson are acting in a scene together, are you sad that somewhere there’s a sack not being hackied?” Galifianakis asks the True Detective star in the outtake.

Of course, this sends McConaughey into a fit of laughter.

Initially, the laughter elicited by the host is simply a small chuckle; but McConaughey’s laughter grows as the A-lister works to regain his composure. But, while on stage with the fifty-one-year-old Between Two Ferns host, it doesn’t look like this is going to happen for McConaughey.

“That’s good,” McConaughey responds between laughs. “A sack not being hacked.”

However, Galifianakis wasn’t done with the Wolf of Wallstreet star; even as the actor tried desperately to regain his composure from the first hilarious interview question.

Only Galifianakis Can Get This Reaction From the Cool Matthew McConaughey

Barely letting Matthew McConaughey catch his breath, Zach Galifianakis swiftly jumps in to ask another hilarious question.

“What was the marijuana budget on True Detective?” the Hangover star asked the actor.

At this point, McCaoghneay is almost doubled over with laughter, wiping tears from his eyes.

While McCoughaney is trying to catch his breath, Galifianakis again doubles down…adding to his inquiry.

“And are you… have you smoked a lot of the budget today?” Galifianakis asks the actor.

By now, McConaughey is losing his battle as he tries to fight back the inevitable tears of laughter. But they keep building up with each one of the questions asked by his Between Two Ferns host.

“Oh, sh–,” says McCaugnehey between breaths, wiping his eyes.

Maybe He Was Just Allergic to the Ferns?

“damn ferns,” McConaughey captioned the video featuring outtakes from his interview. “#betweentwoferns#zachgalifianakis

The film feature’s Zach Galifianakis as he interviews a line of A-list celebrities in an effort to “reclaim” his Hollywood “reputation.”

It aired on Netflix in 2019.

In fact, it premiered exactly two years ago Monday. This is likely why McConaughey decided to share the hilarious outtakes.

The Netflix film was made as a spin-off of the Galifianakis web series of the same name.

The web series premiered in 2008. Since then, it has been a hit as Galifianakis interviews a slew of celebrities with his unique blend of questioning. Trading a variety of barbs and jabs with A-lister’s who join him on stage.

In addition to his one-on-one with McConaughey, Galifianakis also interviewed Paul Rudd, Chrissy Teigen, John Cho, David Letterman; among many others in the hit Netflix film.

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