Peyton Manning says he's 'jealous' of Aaron Rodgers because the Packers QB can make throws he never could

  • Peyton Manning said he is "jealous" of Aaron Rodgers' arm talent.
  • Manning said he had to set his feet to throw, but Rodgers can throw from any angle and position.
  • Rodgers threw one touchdown on Monday that blew Manning and his brother away on the broadcast.
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Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, but even he marvels at some of the throws Aaron Rodgers makes.

During the Green Bay Packers-Detroit Lions Monday night game, Manning said on ESPN's "Manningcast" that Rodgers has an atypical throwing form that Manning could never replicate.

Manning explained that he (and many other quarterbacks) have to have their front foot pointing toward their target to make a throw.

"For me, I had to get lined up toward the target to throw," Manning said.
Peyton Manning's front foot had to point toward his target.

Rodgers, however, has a unique ability to have his feet facing any direction while making a throw. Manning imitated the different angles Rodgers can throw.
Peyton Manning says Aaron Rodgers can throw with his feet staggered apart.
Peyton Manning says Aaron Rodgers can throw across his body.

"His arm is elastic," Manning said. "He can make all those throws. I'm jealous of Aaron Rodgers. I couldn't make those throws."

Before Patrick Mahomes exploded onto the scene with mind-blowing arm talent, Rodgers had displayed an uncanny ability to make throws on the run, from all angles and all positions.

Rodgers on Monday completed 22 of 27 passes for 255 yards and 4 touchdowns to help the Packers beat the Lions, 35-17.

Rodgers wowed both Eli and Peyton Manning with a 22-yard touchdown pass to tight end Robert Tonyan during the third quarter.

Though the throw had more standard footwork from Rodgers, the pass was precise, squeezing past a Lions defender and right into Tonyan's hands.

"How about that throw?" Manning said, leaning back in amazement. "He threw it right by that linebacker's ear."

Eli joked: "[Tonyan] had no choice but to catch that ball. That ball was just implanted in the chest."

Payton added: "No, the ball caught him."

Despite perhaps better arm talent, Rodgers is still chasing Manning in some aspects. Monday was Rodgers' seventh career game with 4 touchdowns and an 80% completion rate - one shy of Peyton and Drew Brees' league-leading mark, according to ESPN .

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