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Opinion | The doctors and scientists have been right all along
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleMore people died in Alabama in 2020 than were born. That’s never happened before. Not in the World War Two era. Not back during the Spanish Flu outbreak. Never before has Alabama experienced more deaths than births. But we did in 2020. And there is but one reason why: coronavirus.

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28d ago

You are not a very good writer. We had over 300,000 dead before they started the vaccines. The percentage of deaths due to Covid is also inaccurate as people who died due to automobile accidents and other issues were listed as Covid due to they had the virus. This virus is not a death sentence. Myself and numerous others have had the virus and survived. Do your research before you preach.

28d ago

Propaganda. Good thing is that Covid cured the flu and common cold. Covid has reduced heart attacks, cancer and respiratory diseases. BTW, Covid protocols are killing people.

Jack Oo
28d ago

That's pretty interesting, considering that prior to covid-19 8 hundred thousand people a year died from heart disease in the USA on average every year...If you divide that by 50 ( states) that's an average of 16000. Not counting all other manner of death.


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