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Beaver, WV

Seize the day (even if it’s cloudy)

Beaver (WV) Weather Channel
Beaver (WV) Weather Channel
 28 days ago

(BEAVER, WV.) A cloudy day can feel like the perfect excuse to stay inside, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, a cloudy Monday is perfect for some activities — check out these ideas as well as your four-day forecast.

Sprints day: If you like exercise outdoors, a cloudy day can be the perfect opportunity to notch up the intensity. Without the sun beating down, joggers, cyclists and other fitness enthusiasts can push their limits in crisp cool air.

Yard work: Who likes baking under the sun while they rake leaves or mow the lawn? Keep it cool by stacking heavy yard work tasks on overcast days.

Catch a movie: There’s nothing wrong with using a grey day for a break, either. Whether it’s a movie, a visit to an arcade, or even a day catching up on your favorite streaming shows, a rest day is a great idea, too.

Along with clouds Monday, here’s the rest of the four-day forecast for Beaver:

  • Monday, September 20

    Mostly cloudy during the day; while cloudy overnight

    • High 77 °F, low 60 °F
    • Windy: 22 mph
  • Tuesday, September 21

    Rain showers likely during the day; while showers and thunderstorms overnight

    • High 71 °F, low 62 °F
    • Windy: 23 mph
  • Wednesday, September 22

    Showers And Thunderstorms

    • High 72 °F, low 50 °F
    • Light wind
  • Thursday, September 23

    Chance of rain showers during the day; while slight chance of rain showers then partly cloudy overnight

    • High 61 °F, low 44 °F
    • Light wind

Don’t forget you can get the latest weather updates with the NewsBreak app. This forecast was created automatically using NWS data.

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