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Trump, with spate of 2022 endorsements, goes where no former president’s gone before

Fox News
Fox News
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleFormer President Trump’s endorsement is hands-down the most sought after in the Republican Party, and Trump isn’t disappointing. The former president – eight months removed from the White House – remains extremely popular and influential with Republican voters and politicians as he aims to continue playing a kingmaker’s role in the GOP.

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24d ago

Trump is grifting for dough and hoping to stay out of prison... its becoming clear as I have said for years... the republicans are supported by the russians which is why they hide their dark money. Trump was elected with the help of Putin. He was a bankrupt terrible business man that no one would lend to, then up popped putin and we have a compromised fraud president that NEVER should have been near the white house.

Globe Hopper
24d ago

anyone he endorses is not getting my vote. that tells me they have been compromised and are running on a wishbone where their backbone ought to be. Liz Cheney 2024

David Allen
24d ago

The more he endorses candidates the more they lose. Trump has never won the popular vote in any election he has ever been in. When he endorses candidates they end up losing their primaries or the general elections. Got to love it. Hopefully Dom the Con runs again in 2024. Will all but guarantee another Democrat victory.


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