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Del Rio, TX

Greg Abbott: Americans had no idea Biden administration would lead to such border chaos

Fox News
Fox News
 26 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe Biden administration has been ensnared once again by another crisis at the southern border, this time with thousands of Haitian migrants near Del Rio, Texas. The state’s governor, Greg Abbott appeared on "The Ingraham Angle" to discuss the situation. GOV. GREG ABBOTT: "The Biden administration refuses to even pretend...

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26d ago

Actually most of us expected it as soon as Biden said that his first act as president is to grant amnesty. Then a week before he took office, he and Harris had a press conference stating that he will open the border to illegals and give green cards and social services. It's on video. Biden fails without even trying.

kathy Grant
26d ago

just a question to all the experts. How many lawsuits are there against biden.An how many Other countries want to blow us up because of his dumass. maybe you all should think about that.Put the dam blame were it goes.BIDEN.

Jeff S
26d ago

Um yes we did, Trump told us exactly what potato would do. Trump was spot on on everything he said the democrats would do after the election. A


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