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The Reason Gladys Knight & Barry Hankerson's Troubled Son Shanga Was Jailed in 2016

 28 days ago
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Gladys Knight has been married four times in her lifetime and is a mother of three children, including her lastborn son, Shanga Hankerson, who was jailed in 2016. Find out more about him. Gladys Knight has enjoyed a stellar and award-winning musical career and is known as the "Empress of...

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Nunya Bizniss
27d ago

Barry Hankerson is not a nice man. They wasn't married long at all. I'm not surprised his son has had trouble. Their whole family just seems troubled and no wonder why they all are keeping themselves under the radar...and I will always say this that whole family failed Aaliyah

Sheryl Warren
27d ago

because GOD gives us all FREE WILL so at the end of the day it was him not her ok


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