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Charleston, WV

Homeless issue up for debate in Charleston again

 26 days ago

Cover picture for the articleCHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - An age-old problem in the city of Charleston is back up for debate. The proposal, which is now in committee, would ban camping in public places and create criminal penalties for those who do. As the proposal is written now, a person must have permission from...

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25d ago

A $500 fine? They are sleeping on the streets they don't have $500! I'm also sure we don't have enough jail cells for all the homeless in our city, how about we pass bills that help get them off the streets permanently and help them become functioning members of society instead of putting them more in debt and padding out jail cells with them

Danny Presley
25d ago

hey you know what instead of fusing about it why won't the city help folks but one good thing if you put them in jail at least they will have a place to stay

Drema Wesoloski
25d ago

Homelessness was Mayor Goodwin's platform during her campaign. Has she decided that $500 fines are the answer? I became homeless in 2020 after failing to remain sober while living in a rehabilitation facility here. I'm only one of many to fail and have no where to go when removed from the program. Charleston is the mecca for rehab in WV and surrounding states. Perhaps the focus should be redirected to prevent the rehab facilities from immediately removing a person that is in their program without a plan of exit in place. I was forced to leave immediately, with no where to go and very little money because of my $600 monthly fee for the facility which didn't include food, personal care items, or transportation. I have talked to so many others in the same situation. We are the product of Charleston's for profit and state funded rehab programs.


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