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Gabby Petito Was Warned by Utah National Park Ranger That Relationship Looked ‘Toxic’: ‘I Can Still Hear Her Voice’
 25 days ago
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The list of people that interacted with Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie before their respective disappearances is a long one. One of the people who crossed paths with the young couple was NPS ranger Melissa Hulls of Arches National Park. According to Deseret News, Hulls was doing her job when...

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Daniel Abbey
25d ago

When a parker ranger, who doesn't even know you, is warning you about a toxic relationship, that's the time to reconsider! Ranger Hulls deserves our thanks for trying. RIP Gabby.

Terri Sue Clark
25d ago

if the police would have charged him with domestic violence instead of saying shewas mental....she would be could tell by her video she was shaking and scaredand abused

nick g
25d ago

so sad. I took a 2 week road trip from Ohio to Florida with my new wife back in the day. got on each others nerves more than once. never thought of killing her. maybe leaving her at a rest stop or something


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