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Del Rio, TX

Hannity: Vacationing Biden orders vaccine mandate for Americans, none for thousands of illegal immigrants

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleIn his Opening Monologue on Monday, Sean Hannity criticized the vacationing President Joe Biden as thousands of illegal immigrants continue amassing under the Acuna International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas – and as the administration seeks to enforce sweeping vaccine mandates on American citizens while offering those individuals who broke our...

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Bidenflation needs to go on vacation in his basement and stay there. He's not running the show anyway, They are. Do people ever wonder who They are?

Terry Collins

Hypocrisy and lies are all the Democratic party is. I got my vaccinations a month ago; and that's it. No more masks for me. I have high contempt for the Democrats. They lie too much.

Michelle Ciconte

Where are all of the Biden/Obama/Harris supporters? Anyone care to defend this administration leaving American citizens behind in Afghanistan, the crisis at the open southern border, mandatory vaccination or lose your job, their involvement in the Trump Russia Investigation, the Epstein trials, etc? You bashed and fact checked every word Trump spoke. Crickets when it comes to Biden’s daily lies and cover-up.


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