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Rachel Nichols Suggested A Black Colleague Was A Diversity Hire. Now, A Black Woman Is Taking Her Slot.
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleAfter canceling Rachel Nichols' The Jump amid controversy surrounding her comments calling sports reporter Maria Taylor a diversity hire, ESPN has hired Malika Andrews to host the new series NBA Today as its replacement. Premiering on Oct. 18 on ESPN2, the one-hour series will air at 3 p.m. every weekday,...

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Reggie Ford
29d ago

ESPN did Rachel Nichols wrong. she had every right to say what she said, and it was mostly true. it was not a racist rant and it was not a hire, they took her assignment which is in her contract amd gave it to another lady.

Robert Rowen
29d ago

it reminds me of affirmative action days when a white man like myself more qualified was passed over for a minority who did not have the qualifications

John Gunn
29d ago

all black NBA, all black reporters covering it..seems like workplace segregation to me? but then I don't watch woke joke espn..and I despise the CCP NBA.


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