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Georgia will get less monoclonal antibodies as feds take over supply

The Georgia Sun
The Georgia Sun
 30 days ago
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A recent surge in demand for powerful Covid antibody drugs has generated concerns about supply shortages in states that are heavy users of the treatment, including Georgia. About 70 percent of these lab-created drugs are being used in the Southeast. With that uneven distribution, federal health officials recently decided to take over supplies and allocate them through state agencies.

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Diane Lapsley
30d ago

this is bidens ploy as stated, there are enough vaccines for All, but NOT monoclonal drugs that we're confiscated by bidens administration because they were siding in the healing if individuals in RED states which made Biden IRATE as he stated in his speech. he should be tried for treason.. causing people to DIE because if HIS Politics. he is beyond evil..... Kemp needs to sue the govt. fir destroying the chance of his constituents life...


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