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Son Kicks Out Old Mom Because of His Young Wife's Lies, He Lives to Regret It — Story of the Day

 28 days ago
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A man was tricked by his young wife into getting rid of his old mom, thanks to her inventive lies. He would later come to regret his actions but was it too late for him?. Max fulfilled one of his greatest wishes when he married Pauline, a former child model who still got off on how popular she used to be.

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27d ago

You can call me whatever you like. I made two promises to my mom when she was living. One was, I'll never place her in a nursing home. Nor would I marry while she was alive...First, because because growing up without a father and never wanted for anything. Along with residing at one address in my life. Second, was to never put another woman before her.I kept both of my promises. Therefore, I have no regrets

KP Hoyer Newport Coast
27d ago

A lot of time, depending on what you said to your spouse about your mom, or dad, that makes him/her disrespectful toward your parents. So, always love and respect your parents, and your spouse will follow. No one love and care about you more than your parents? Only your parents would do anything for you and always love you unconditionally.

love C
27d ago

Wow! regardless what his wife said he should know his Moms actions about what she would do an not do this guy just took the words from his wife but didn't give his mom the respect that she deserves all because of lies


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