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Barry Morphew released from Colorado jail with 2 daughters by his side

Fox News
Fox News
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleBarry Morphew, the sole suspect in the disappearance and presumed death of his wife, was released from jail Monday and was seen getting into a vehicle with his daughters by his side. Morphew, 53, left the Chaffe County jail in Colorado after posting a $500,000 cash bond, the jail told...

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Amanda Eggleston
30d ago

Poor lady. I hope she/her body is found so her family and friends can have some sort of resolution to what happened to her.

Jeff Halsey
29d ago

Why would they let him go is my main thought and how much involvement may his daughters possibly have. Many unsolved questions to be answered. Amazing what a lot of money can buy you in America thus Freeedom.

Mandy Medina
30d ago

If he is such a bad man as they say why are his daughters still by his side?? I would like to know exactly how much evidence of any they actually have on him because DNA was found on somethings.


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