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Arizona State

Arizona Extremists Are Planning to Gather at the State Capitol — Just in Time for the 'Audit' Results

Phoenix New Times

Cover picture for the articleThe so-called “Justice For J6” campaign, a Trump-backed crusade in defense of the January 6 Capitol rioters, held a rally in Washington, D.C., this past Saturday, September 18. Capitol police were on high alert over the weekend in anticipation, but the event saw only sparse turnout. Another such rally...

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Uncle Draza

According to the New Times, evidently if your group destroys billions in property damage, injurs hundreds and kills police officers, they don't qualify as "extremist".But wear a red hat, wave a flag, pray and sing are "extremists".

Ambrosio Angeles

They are what they are " ( Right wing Extremist) and we should all assemble at our State Capitol and show Support for our Government and Country and let these individuals know how we feel about them Trading this Country in for a Red Hat and a Confederate flag.


So why is it when a right wing group has a rally it's broadcasted to the word as if it is a cat 5 hurricane. but if it's Antifa or a blm group it's no biggie. while they try to burn buildings down. go figure.


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