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Authorities find Dolly Thapa, 38-year-old Massachusetts woman who had been missing
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Authorities said they have located Dolly Thapa, the Massachusetts woman who went missing on Sept. 12. “The 38-year-old woman who was reported missing...

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Andrea Conniff

So happy that she was found safe. That must of been a very stressful week for family & loved one's. I'm glad whoever found her got to give the family good news she was safe & alive. I hope this doesn't happen again to the family when I first seen a post of her missing, my heart went out to her loved one's. Always glad to see Amber alerts & missing people found , us some sadly never make it home. props to all that put in efforts on locating her.

King of the Break

If you want people to be found, dont show some doctored up Instagram pictures. Those photos had more filters on it than an automobile. Let's be real

Victoria Viens

why is it that people have to be so rude with their comments about people's addictions and afflictions? wait until it's their daughter or their child. have some heart and some tack I wish her very well good job to the police officers thank you for your service


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