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Washington, DC

Here’s what would happen if Washington doesn’t prevent a government shutdown

 25 days ago
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Lawmakers have just days to head off a partial federal government shutdown. Here's what happens if they...

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Ruth Downam

Well then you should have not waisted our tax payers money on other countries to help there people. Looks to me you gave them money just to come here. Then you open boarders and they could have everything free. COVID-19 was under control until you shipped them all over the country. Now look what you have done. People are sick and dying cause of you. Just cause you want to demand the shot , it has made a lot of people very and some died. This is all your fault. Shut down all of over paid government officials would solve our problem


Well if the government shutdowns then maybe the border will to cause won't have any money for the illegals running across the border...

Cracker Jacques
29d ago

The budget is due at the same time every year. And every year they act as if it's some kind of a surprise. Literally THE most incompetent people in America are running our SYSTEM and have been for decades. A ceo would be instantly terminated if they couldn't produce an annual budget. But these people are hailed and re-elected. Either ivory league schools are churning out dullards or we complete complicity in Washington with ineffective policies and normal procedures. #TheyGottaGo


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