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Los Angeles, CA

50 Cent Joins #EmmySoWhite Outrage: '[They] Still Have A Separate Bathroom For Colored Folks'
 30 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards took place in Los Angeles on Sunday night (September 19) and despite the record number of non-Anglo creatives being nominated, not a single one walked away with an award in any of the major categories. Actors Billy Porter and MJ Rodriguez (Pose), the late Michael...

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30d ago

and colored folk still have their own collages neighborhoods tv network defence funds collage grants affermative action and violence

29d ago

I dont hear him cry at the BET awards, or Black Miss America. What about black college funds and colleges. Its ok for them to segregate themselves tho 🙄

William Thomas
29d ago

Now go to any NBA game and count the white people playing. Then divide those numbers into the population of each racial group. Let me know how those numbers turn out. My point is that being really great at something should get rewarded no matter the color of your skin. But you don't get to cut the line just because you're black.


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