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Phil Murphy announces sharp spike in COVID-19 among the fully vaccinated since last week in New Jersey

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Shore News Network
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TRENTON, NJ – Last Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy reported 18,390 COVID-19 ‘breakthrough’ cases of fully vaccinated individuals testing positive for the SARs COV-2 virus. Today, Murphy reported 22,246 total breakthrough cases. Read last week’s report: 18,000 fully vaccinated New Jerseyans have tested positive for COVID-19, 97 dead...

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Bill Macmillan

How can you still call them break though cases? It is apparent the vaccine does not work. It also has killed people and made them seriously sick. If people want it go for it, but if they don't that is their choice!

Vicki Chandler

Imagine that!!! And the numbers will get higher for break through cases! Stop blaming the unvaccinated!

Christi Grapsas

Gee I wonder why.... 🙄 Could it be because we're still being forced to wear face masks even after we have been fully vaccinated?.... OMG what a shock that is! 🙄 We need to get rid of Czar Murphy and send him Back to Massachusetts where he belongs and Ban him from ever coming back to the state of NJ!


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