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Washington State Kids Blame Dad’s COVID Death on Tucker Carlson ‘Misinformation About Vaccines’

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An unvaccinated Washington state man died of COVID-19 earlier this summer and his daughter blames Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. In a Monday appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” Katie Lane told anchor John Berman that her father “wasn’t by any means far-right” and consumed media across the political spectrum, but was hesitant...

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Barbara Loar

Does anyone take responsibility for their actions? In this instance there is an example where a man died from COVID-19. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. The man simply caught the virus and succumbed to it. It is sad that he died but don’t make a mockery of his death by feeling like you have to blame someone.May he Rest In Peace

2/68 Armor Vet

Why would anyone listen to a talk show host for medical advice? As much as I agree with Tucker Carlson on many issues, at least I am smart enough to not take political opinion as medical advice. So sorry the kids lost their dad, but blaming a third party for the death is not facing reality of responsibility. Further, Tucker Carlson's show is called "Tucker Carlson", NOT "Tucker Carlson, M.D.".

Manny Rodriguez

We can sit here and play the blame game all we want when it comes to someone we love's death. But he made a choice, and anyway, that vaccine may have ended up killing him anyway, just because he didn't get the vaccine doesn't mean he would have survived with it. Stop blaming Tucker and look at the big picture.


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