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Xi may be moving China to economic system 'that doesn't exist anywhere in the world'

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For a long time, analysts chalked Chinese President Xi Jinping's homages to Mao Zedong to "political stagecraft," but a Wall Street Journal examination of Xi's recent writings and speeches suggests they should be taking him much more seriously. It now appears Xi is "forcefully" trying to get China back to Mao's...

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Larry Villa

He knows that China's economic success wasn't accomplished by following Marxist ideology and communism. It was accomplished by allowing " Capitalism, Western Technology and money". China owes it's success mostly to American companies ( outsourcing) who moved whole American companies for cheap Chinese labor. China copied everything American, literally, it's freeways, urban cities, houses, cars, planes, space program, lifestyle and even it's pop culture much to the dismay of the CCP. Yi knows that it was not Communism that changed China, it was Western Capital, Western Technology and Western lifestyles. A lot of the technology they now possess is either copied, stolen or both. He sees millions trying to get into the U.S. and millions trying to get out of his and other Communist countries. Communism is a failure and China like Russia is in for a big fall...


Who cares…If this administration would stop sending our manufacturing jobs to countries like China We would be way better off… so many jobs gone only because of Bejing Biden

Jeffrey Reich

I agree with you. However, our own politicians are every bit as evil as China's. So good luck, I guess...


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