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Pfizer officially releases list of side effects that can happen from the COVID booster vaccine

 25 days ago

Cover picture for the article300 participants were tested during a trial of the Pfizer booster shot and the FDA has shared the results. The most common side effects were fatigue at 63.7%, headaches at 48.4%, and muscle pain at 39.1%. Pfizer states that the side effects were mild to moderate and that 44 participants...

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Donna Herd
23d ago

What about encephalitis, myelitis, blood clots, miscarriages, etc. Those are the things they should be talking about. This is not a vaccine.

Susan Rasmussen
24d ago

wow! you should see the adv÷rise effects list my brother got from the mayo clinic. 1/2" thick. somebody is lying and I am pretty sur÷ it is not the mayo clinic.

Amber Deberry
23d ago

Side effects may cause wearing your mask in the car by yourself and being even more dumbed down then you already are. Also may cause shaking and death but no worries we ain’t paying for your medical issues these cause because we think we are so above everyone that their lives mean nothing. Wake up America be ready this is war you are too blind to see


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