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‘The Voice’ Host Carson Daly Shares Final Text and Photo With Cancer Caretaker Mom Hours Before Her Death

Cover picture for the articleThe Voice host Carson Daly paid tribute to his mother, Pattie Daly Caruso, on the fourth anniversary of her passing by sharing their last photo and text message exchange. Daly Caruso suddenly passed away at the age of 74 and was caring for her husband and Daly’s stepfather Richard Caruso at...

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Jerry "Lee" Shepard
19d ago

I feel Mr.Daly's pain at his loss and of missing his Mom on this 4th anniversary of her passing who was a loving and supportive Mother apparently. I lost my Mother a few weeks ago, after caring for her for 10 yrs, assisting her in her battle with "the other pandemic" that has No treatment, that has No cure, and everyone that gets it...has No hope for recovery..the only outcome is death and unfortunly My Mother and I lost her battle recently, against Alzheimers. An although I hlifeknew this day was inevitable as I was forced to watch helplessly as it slowly robbed my Mom of her personality, independence, and her life a little more each day!

Peggy Chalk

sorry for your lost, but I know how hard a caregiver job can be,use to be one. May god bless you.

Carmen Solomon
13d ago

Mr.Daly I lost my mother 2yrs ago 😢 to cancer 2 sisters 3yrs ago 💔 but losing my mom is the hardest thing I had to deal with I gave everything to take care of her and I was there when she closed her eyes. I will do it all again. I'm so heart broken 💔😢😞😔😪


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