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THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Spoilers: Ridge Plots to Destroy Quinn!

Cover picture for the articleEric and Quinn’s scandalous new arrangement could be exposed in these THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL spoilers… at least if Ridge has anything to do about it! He’s determined to get Quinn out of his father’s life one way or another, but how far will he go to make it happen?

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Lywnn Johnson

Ridge got some nerve why is he all in his father's marriage he wants what his father doesn't want he forgot about all the times you took back his cheating behind wife broke did nobody harass him about why did you take her back she cheated with Bill three times she was married to Bill and then she left Bill and came back to him people forget their history he has done the same thing with Brooke took her back how many times where they came from leave it alone Ridge mind your business this is so sickening everybody coming to tell somebody else that's way older than them that has more wisdom than them and has always been a forgiving man that's just who Eric has always been loving and forgiving only in a soap opera life Eric must really love Quinn to allow her to go be with her lover and then come back to his bed that is what I called love 1000%


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