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Dad taken aback by response from seller after haggling over price of washing machine

Daily Mirror
 25 days ago

When Chris Blaze went to buy a washing machine and tumble dryer recently, he asked if the seller could reduce the price by $100.

Chris, who only had $400 to spare, has recently become a dad so was keen to keep the price down low.

After explaining his situation to the seller, called David, he was pleased after he agreed to drop the price from $500 and promptly took the machine home.

However, the seller decided to give back in an unexpected way - leaving people touched at the kind gesture.

In a post that has since gone viral, Chris wrote on Facebook: "I just went to buy a Samsung washer and dryer from a guy and he was asking $500.
He shared a photo of his new purchase online ( Image: Facebook)
Chris said he was overwhelmed by the kind gesture ( Image: Facebook)

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"I told him I just had a kid and if he could take $400 I’d be really grateful. I got home hooked everything up and everything worked great.

"I opened up the dryer to check the lint filter and I was shocked my $400 was sitting in there.

"I got a message from him saying “check the dryer, a gift for the new baby.”

"Man words can not describe how grateful I am right now. I feel so blessed right now I felt I had to share, big shout out to the man David! Thank you so much!"

Since sharing his story on Facebook, Chris has been overwhelmed with kind comments.

One person wrote: "Amazing story! That shows there are still kind people in the world. Thanks for sharing."

Another added: "This world needs more people like that."

A third commented: "I love seeing things like this! Good people are still around!! Congrats and god will bless both of you!"

"That is so awesome. Congratulations on your beautiful new baby," wrote one man.

Another joked: "That is so awesome. Congratulations on your beautiful new baby."

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Ferlin George
25d ago

This person was ready for that washer and dryer to go somewhere else. Big smile 😃. When the person buying told that story so eloquently it gave him an opportunity for that second smile on his face, the smile of giving! That smile will always be with you.

Nyla Nelson
25d ago

Isn’t it nice when you hear Good news as the News people are always promoting all the bad things that happen in the world instead of acts of kindness

Anthony Siciliano
24d ago

$400 isn’t that much until you don’t have it and need it. So a kind and generous gift.


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