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Brian Laundrie Connected To One Police Enforcer That May Be Helping Him Hide, Internet Sleuths Say

Cover picture for the articleGabby Petito news: It is believed that Gabby Petito's body may have been found in Wyoming after days of the desperate search for the Long Island native. According to a statement from the FBI, the remains found in Bridger-Teton National Forest are "consistent with the description" of Gabrielle Petito....

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James Ward

get a court order for the parents bank records and credit card charges someone is going to have to finance his escape...... unless he offs himself

Cheryl Carney

This monster took a beautiful life I don't care who his brother or cousin is he needs to be found and get the death penalty.His parents protected him knowing their son took a innocent life.They should also be charged.

LittleMonster Pants

This entire article just talks about speculation Brian MIGHT have a brother who is a cop.......Was this article not written by a REPORTER WHO SHOULD BE PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF VERIFYING IF BRIAN HAS A COP BROTHER???Why does this just say "people online are saying...."?Are there NO decent reporters left?This is a story a fifth grader could write!Unreal how bad this article of GOSSIP actually is & it has NO BUSINESSES a news section!🙄 🙄🙄


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