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Fresno, CA

Police: 15-year-old girl killed in northeast Fresno crash, 4 others injured

ABC30 Central Valley
ABC30 Central Valley

Fresno police say a crash in northeast Fresno killed a 15-year-old girl and left four other people injured on Monday morning.

It happened after 1 am on Barstow Avenue and 4th Street, between First and Cedar.

Police say a Honda Civic was eastbound on Barstow when it veered to the right side of the street, went over the sidewalk and struck a tree.

The driver and four passengers were pinned inside the car.

When officers arrived, they found the teen unconscious and tried to resuscitate her.

"Officers immediately rendered aid to that individual and that individual was pronounced deceased on scene," said Fresno Police Lt. Brian Pierce.

Her name has not been released.

The four others who were injured were taken to Community Regional Medical Center and are expected to be OK.

Investigators believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. It's unclear if any of the people inside the car were wearing seatbelts.

Police are looking for any surveillance video to help them in their investigation.

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esther evans

Very sad and this 15 year old seems to have been too young to be out that late and with others that might have been drinking. Condolences to her family and friends and may this cause other teens to think and save their own lives.


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