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Here’s who was left out of the 2021 Emmys’ In Memoriam tribute

New York Post
 25 days ago

Cover picture for the articleWell, it seemed like a really thorough recap — until viewers realized Emmys 2021 left one of their own out of the In Memoriam segment. Amid an emotional montage of tributes to lost stars — ranging from Michael K. Williams and Cloris Leachman to Norm Macdonald and Cicely Tyson — at least one Emmy winner was forgotten.

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Kathy Carey
25d ago

I thought the entire show was a joke. it lost it's prestige to me. Then you couldn't even see the lost artist because it was more important to show the performers than the lost souls. It is no longer classy but more like a game show. Very disappointed in the new road award shows have taken.

25d ago

Degenerates stoking the fragile egos of Degenerates...... And the Biden Voters with an IQ of 80, hope to be celebrities too..... And we give them the PRIVILIGE of voting in thier ghettos on their Democrat Plantations.

Joyce Hyatt
25d ago

The ratings show really really really low viewers.Cannot believe they forgot Constantine; an amazing actor.


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