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Jim Acosta Asks Why U.S. is 'Welcoming Afghans' But 'Sending Haitians Back'

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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas denied there was a "contradiction" in the U.S.'s treatment of Afghan refugees and Haitian...

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Scott Martin

So let me get this straight. We have a housing shortage in the US, yet we keep brining people in. We don't have enough money to handle the homeless problem, yet we keep letting people in. On top of that, we keep sending money to the same countries. We keep wanting to raise the debt ceiling to send more money. Yes, the afghans helped us. In their country, trying to fix their country. Twenty years, Billings of dollars and countless US lives and it didn't work. Sorry, your country does not want to be fixed. Not our problem. If we are to take in people from other countries then stop sending them money and supplies, we need them here for our own country. Stop being the world's financial pocket. Our money (the tax payers) needs to stay right here in the US. Anyone not here with legal status needs to be shipped out. It's time we protect and take care of our own people.


Maybe they need to ask —-Why didn’t they help all the Americans all these decades before helping other country’s! Why do seniors and Disabled come with the least amount of help? Why do illegals get better accommodations the US Citizens? Why did Senator Biden refuse 100 Vietnamese that were known allies to our forces refugee status? Why were thousands brought to the US unvetted? ——.


Instead of protesting about masks, vaccines, politicians, etc. We need to come together and protest all these immigrants/migrants/refugees coming here taking resources that need to be used for Americans. We cannot help the whole world. Americans are in poverty, homeless, struggling, groceries are high, gas is high, we have a pandemic, supply shortages, wildfires, increasing crime, disasters, etc. Fix home first and send all them people back. They gotta learn how to fight to fix their home too, not always runaway.


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