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Denmark appears to have beaten covid-19 — for now. Here’s how it did it.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleOn Sept. 10, Danish authorities lifted all pandemic restrictions and pronounced that covid-19 is no longer a “critical threat” in the country. Vaccination rates are high — 86 percent of all eligible citizens 12 and older have received at least one shot, and 95 percent of people 50 and older are...

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Tom V

If "President Donald Trump later admitted to intentionally downplaying the coronavirus", it may have been because Fauci stated it was never a threat. Trump closed the borders while Fauci says COVID would be no worse than a flu and masks would not be necessary. Like it or not, all Americans should all be glad Trump relied on other medical authorities otherwise the outcome could have been much worse. 45 also brought us vaccines via operation warp speed. 46 was initially anti-vax because it came from 45 but now is pushing every American to get the jab. it is spritzing 46 didn't kill the vaccine as he reversed or stopped everything else 45 id that worked.


hey news reporter! why don't you do a piece on the other countries are free of covid that didn't get vaxxed? that would be helpful.

Corey Doggett

It says a lot right there in the article, 90% of Danes trust their health officials. Both parties have spent decades making sure that we are divided and have sown doubt into the others ability to care for the people. People no longer care about social platforms, anyone can be president, as long as "the other guys" lose.


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