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Afghan Refugees Will Arrive in 2 Louisiana Cities

News Radio 710 KEEL
News Radio 710 KEEL
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Dozens of refugees from Afghanistan are headed for Louisiana. Catholic Charities will be helping the families get settled in the state. 59 will be arriving in the next week or two. 49 will settle in Baton Rouge and the others will be sent to New Orleans. David Aguillard with...

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Phyllis Spizale

We can’t even get our HOMELESS to shelter even during a Hurricane but we are going to roll out the Red Carpet for these people?? Try helping our own people first. So many have damaged homes and FEMA is saying sorry can’t help!! I wonder what hotel will accommodate these people. Free stay, Free Food etc. but I bet crime will go up and I agree Covid will definitely skyrocket.

Phyllis Spizale

President Biden you should put them up in the White House. You and your family are not living in every room. You take em all and keep them out of NOLA!!! I bet LaToya is getting paid BIG BUCKS to take them in and wine and dine them all. Totally not fair to the Taxpayers of our city.

Alexis West

it's going to be 9/11 part 2! sending sleepers to the US so they can infiltrate from within. better get locked and loaded.


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