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Presidential Election

Trump won these counties big. His supporters question the results there, too.

NBC News
 28 days ago

Cover picture for the articleFormer President Donald Trump won Mesa County, Colorado, by 28 points in last fall's election. In Barry County, Michigan, he won by more than 32 points. And in Lander County, Nevada, his victory was in excess of 61 points. Yet in each county, Republican officials have sought to further investigate...

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Carol Ann
28d ago

Trump lost election! Biden is our president til 2024! Voter fraud investigated and no widespread fraud found, or would change the outcome of election. If you believe anything else seek medical attention immediately!

Sassafras T☕️
28d ago

Good morning everyone!! Playing the devils advocate here…. What if every state election was recounted and the Republican in charge actually LOST….. what then? 🙃 TrumpleTHINskin has you basically chasing your own tail.. he doesn’t really want to be President.. it’s just about a WIN. He hates to lose period..

Sue Wiseley
28d ago

this is getting old. you LOST. get over it and move on! maybe find something new that would be good for the American people and go with a new topic


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