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Gabby Petito’s Father Releases Heartbreaking Photo After Her Body Was Potentially Found in Wyoming: ‘She Touched the World’
 26 days ago
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Wings spread and smiling wide, father Joseph Petito shares a beautiful image of Gabby Petito in life amidst the FBI’s heartbreaking Sunday findings. At 5:21 PM US Central time, Joseph Petito shared the following image to Twitter. Within, a heartbreak emoji and the caption “She touched the world” came minutes after the FBI’s press conference stating their findings.

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Lisa Springer
26d ago

they need to charge his parents for hindering their investigation. he is hiding and if his car made it back to their house they know where. he left on Tuesday and they didn't report him kissing until Friday...that's called a head start!! hes not in a gator invested park the guy is a coward! it's a cover..FBI can start tracking the money and phone calls and wiretaps they'll find him and then anyone helping him can be charged too! hope her parents bring a civil suit against him and his parents, alot less is required as in a criminal trial, but will break them! They would have left that poor girl out there with no hope of never being found..may God have mercy on their souls for what they did!

Gennifer Kelly
26d ago

Heartbreaking news for a beautiful and amazing and incredible young girl who had a wonderful life ahead of her.🙏💔😢🕊️just wanted to pay my respects to the family.. sending my prayers for healing.

Patrick Kendall
26d ago

I would love to know what he told his parents when he came back driving her van without her... it would really help me understand how complicit his parents are in all of this... if they were both living with his parents when they left on this trip together and he came back alone, I'm sure they asked where she was and why she didn't return with him... then he ends up with an attorney but nobody in that house even bothered to at least tell her parents anything much less report her missing the entire 10 days prior to her parents reporting her missing.... to me it sounds like they knew their son was at least in some way involved with her death the entire time in which case, they are just as guilty even if the law doesn't agree.... I can understand wanting to protect ur child but sometimes protecting them means making them face the consequences if there actions instead of shielding them from them... Right of wrong, that's how I was raised and that's what I believe


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