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The 2021 Emmys are off to a 'delightfully unexpected' start. Join our live chat

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The producers of the in-person 2021 Emmy Awards explained the ceremony's COVID-19 precautions at the Television Academy in Los Angeles earlier this week. (Al Seib/Los Angeles Times)

The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards are upon us. We've scoped out the set design , made our predictions , and warmed up our TVs (or live streaming apps, in the case of the cord-cutters). Now it's time to settle in for the ceremony itself — and what would an awards show be without some shouts from the balcony? Keep it here throughout the night as awards columnist Glenn Whipp and staff writer Meredith Blake break down the best speeches, biggest upsets and other top stories of Sunday's Emmys live.

Yeah, so far this ceremony feels reminiscent of last year when three shows -- "Schitt's Creek," "Watchmen" and "Succession" -- dominated their categories. Right now, "Ted Lasso" and "Mare of Easttown" are 2 for 2. And "The Crown" lurks once drama awards begin. Not exactly the kind of thing that keeps you on the edge of your seat. — GW

Evan Peters wins for supporting actor in a limited series, making "Mare of Easttown" 2 for 2. Go Ladyhawks! Thanks to "Hamilton" that category was on 0dd one but Peters' vulnerable performance as the sweet, doomed detective Colin Zabel clearly stood out. I hope he celebrates the win with a great big hoagie. Or should I say hewgie? —MB

5:30 : You can win an Emmy basically for just one scene? Nicholson’s climactic catharsis in “Mare of Easttown” was so devastating in the final minutes of that final episode that it clearly stuck with voters. Might this mean "Mare" will win limited series? Stay tuned. — GW

Cedric the Entertainer did a funny bit about the vaccines but as the self-appointed Anthony Fauci of this chat I have to point out that Moderna is actually the bougie vaccine while Pfizer is the Macy's? —MB

That opening ... who would have guessed? The first two awards? It looks like a REALLY big evening for "Ted Lasso," though it can't equal the "Schitt's Creek" run last year as "Lasso" doesn't have a lead actress. But Brett Goldstein winning? That's a product of him owning the second season, currently airing. — GW

Well that started off in utterly predictable fashion— with a rapping Rita Wilson! I kid, I kid! That whole opening bit was delightfully unexpected and a nice way to pay tribute to the late, great Biz Markie. I appreciated the appearance by Lil Dicky from “Dave” even if Michael Douglas clearly had no idea what was going on. —MB

I think I just saw more CBS programming in that intro than I've watched in the past year. — GW

Dolly could win an Emmy for her TV movie! You're ready to celebrate. — GW

Hi Glenn! I hope you're feeling all the feels after your big milestone weekend — what a perfect emotional prelude to a night when "Ted Lasso" is probably going to win a kajillion (est.) awards. My weekend was much more mundane but I'm also quite looking forward to a normal-ish level of spectacle after a year of glorified Zoom sessions and whatever that Oscars ceremony was. Bring on all those double-vaxxed celebs in beaded gowns!! Speaking of fashion, I am wearing my finest Gap joggers and a Dollywood t-shirt, thanks for asking. —MB

Hello Emmy watchers! I'm Glenn Whipp, awards columnist for The Times. As the red carpet is ongoing, you're probably wondering what I'm wearing. Well ... I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve. I just dropped my son off at college in the Pacific Northwest this morning and flew in from Seattle just so I could watch "Ted Lasso" and "The Crown" win countless Emmys, some deserved, some not. And to talk to my good friend, Meredith Blake, for the next three hours. Meredith ... how are you feeling heading into the show? — GW

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