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Netanyahu suggests on Facebook that Biden fell asleep meeting new Israeli PM
 27 days ago

Cover picture for the articleJERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suggested in a Facebook video posted on Sunday that U.S. President Joe Biden had fallen asleep when meeting the new Israeli leader Naftali Bennett last month. A Reuters fact check previously debunked the idea that Biden dozed off, after social...

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Toby Motte
26d ago

It doesn’t matter he is mentally in capable of being president of this country, and I do firmly believe he probably did fall asleep and recruiter and the media is covering up for his lack yet again. Where are they out this weekend when we had the border crisis going on, Our longest Ally since the war for independence pulled out diplomats out, where was Joe Biden napping on the beach, where are the vice president at a ball game. Who’s in charge of this country who is really in the oval office and what America wants to know?

Moses Walker
27d ago

gas prices going up in the hood you know it's about to get bad gas going to be $5 a gallon Before Christmas people that wrote it for people people that voted for Joe Biden it's about to be Illustrated what occurred when you are blinded by hatred

Christina Correale Buchner
27d ago

Should we be surprised with Biden’s behavior. He’s an embarrassment for America and the modern world knows it.


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