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Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued By Neighbor For Alleged Underground Vault, But What's Really Going On?

 30 days ago
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The Kardashian-Jenners keep their fans well-informed of their lavish lifestyle via social media. They even make it absolutely, perfectly clear that their toddler’s gold chains are, like, totally real. But can't the Kardashians have their cake and build under the foundations of their mansions, too? A neighbor of Kim Kardashian’s is reportedly suing her over an alleged underground vault, but there's supposedly more to the story.

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Jebron's Lame
29d ago

Where's the black outrage? This whole family thinks they are black and do everything possible to look as black as they can. Truth is they are more white than my butt cheeks in winter.

29d ago

The best advise is to go to the city government office. In order for Kardashian to build on the property she needs approval from the city and the city will inspect whatever is being built to make sure its up to standards. HOA violates city, state and federal laws all the time and issues fines they have no capability to enforce. Anyways they would need approval from a judge to get anything other then the rent and the monthly HOA charges. Keep in mind you can go after the HOA for many things like you paying you does and they are not performing the services they are supposed too.

28d ago

she wants a place to go in case of a huge solar flair enters the Earth's atmosphere...with all of the places collapsing....I'd be nervous too.


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