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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Must Dish Scandal To Justify $20 Million Memoir Advance
 26 days ago

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news shows that the family Prince Harry deserted for “financial freedom” are concerned his fortune will come at the expense of their happiness and reputation. Harry has wasted no time trashing his family and the monarchy since bagging his very own California mansion after a stint of couch surfing in borrowed palaces.

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Cyndi Harrington
25d ago

Loyalty Matters..Betraying Royal Family is Unacceptable Behavior Now he will not be Trusted to not blab his mouth about the Family to get attention...So horrible to betray the Family..even Know how to Behave What happened to Harry listening to outsiders to betray his own Family like this to embarrass his Family is Unacceptable Behavior


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