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Vaccine Mandate: Biden Administration Releases New Guidance That Terminates Federal Employees If They Refuse To Get Inoculated

Cover picture for the articleAccording to Biden administration guidelines released this week, federal workers may be dismissed for refusing to get vaccinated against the COVID-19. Still, while their disciplinary cases make their way through the system, they will report to work alongside vaccinated colleagues. New Guidance on Vaccine Mandate. In a recently published...

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30d ago

He wants to mandate this but completely ignores all the effects its having on people. Women who where menopausal are now having menses again? Some women are having periods lasting months on end since this shot. I guess these subjects are to taboo for this administration. They want to give this to young children! Wtf is it going to do to young girls. Men are having their own sets of problems. From blood clots to heart attacks these shots need to be seriously looked into.

Susan Dalton
30d ago

An EO doesn’t Trump Congressional law, and obviously it’s a clear case of political persecution in violation of the Hatch Act, the ADA, EEO & Civil Rights. I identify as a vaccinated person and don’t u dare question my personal perception.

Adam Bacon

so it's OK to Monday some but not others who work for the federal government. more 2faced government standards. Biden needs to be ousted and locked in a closet. he wouldn't know the difference. between the closet and the oval office.


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